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How to personalize your SMS marketing for every customer touch point

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Hey everyone,

It’s super great to be here today.  Huge thanks to Recart for including us in this amazing Bootcamp. I hope you all will get huge value from all of the wonderful partners that will be sharing their insights and strategies.

My name is Viktoria and I am part of the amazing team at SMSBump, where we help eCommerce brands connect with customers using text message marketing.

That being said, naturally I’d love to talk to you about how SMS can fit into your marketing strategy and how to make the most out of every customer interaction by making it super personalized.

The importance of personalizing your SMS communication

So first of all - Why am I even discussing personalization? With online commerce continuing to grow, it’s become super important that online brands bring the same level (if not higher) of personalized, one-on-one experience that customers would otherwise receive at a physical store.

And while that is so important, in fact only a bit over 20% of all shoppers say they are happy with the level of personalization they receive. So a lot of room for improvement there.

Being one of the most direct, intimate and immediate marketing channels, SMS gives you the perfect opportunity to really personalize every conversation from the very first interaction. That being said - what is the first step of every SMS marketing strategy. It’s actually to have people to text.  

Most of you probably know that SMS marketing is consent based, meaning you actually need to get customers to subscribe to your SMS program and explicitly consent to that. And while it might take a little bit of time to build a list of subscribers, you can speed it up by making your subscriber collection process tailored to your specific audience.

Step 1: Tailor your subscribers collection tools


Starting from your on-site collection tools. Tailoring your on-site form to give it your brand look & feel will make your site visitors  feel more familiar and connected with your brand right from the get-go, as soon as they land on your website.

You can make your pop-up fit your brand voice by adding relevant images, using the right colors and fonts. You can also make it more targeted  by having it show only to specific shoppers and at specific pages of your website. Add an enticing call to action, fitting to your brand voice, and an offer - even the smallest discount will be a big enough nudge for customers to subscribe. What these brands did with their pop-ups.

You can personalize your pop-up even further by giving your visitors the opportunity to choose where to get their notifications - via SMS only, or via SMS and email. It doesn’t get more tailored than that. And speaking of that…

Social opt-in

A crucial step in personalisation is to meet your customers where they like to spend their time - like social media. Using social opt-ins to invite them to your text club is a great way to achieve just that. Let them know what the perks are - exclusive deals, special offers, faster deliveries - whatever it is. If they already follow your brand on social channels, they’re already engaged with your mobile content. Leverage this audience with SMS marketing to drive them from social media to your site.  And watch as the magic happens.

Offline subscriptions: QR codes

And finally - you can also leverage the offline interactions you have with your customers. Take advantage of your product packaging or the “Thank you” card that you might be sending with your customer’s order to connect with them. How? By using QR codes and a copy that makes them feel appreciated and enticed to join your text club for exclusive offers and unique deals.

Like what this brand did with their QR code appeal. Simple, yet effective.

Personalized Welcome Series

Once you’ve gotten your visitors or shoppers to sign up for your SMS program, make sure they are welcomed personally as well. A simple Welcome SMS flow will welcome your new subscribers and will also gather important information that you can later use to personalize your offers.

This flow that a beauty brand has built, for example, asks their new subscribers what type of skin they have and suggests an appropriate product based on their answer.

This is a super effective strategy because the thing is - over 40% of customers are also happy to share this information with you if it will mean they will get tailored product suggestions.

And besides making your customer feel well taken care of, this first interaction can easily turn into your first successful sale.

Tailored Abandoned Cart Flow

From here on out, it’s important to automate certain parts of your customer journey to maximize engagement and sales and make sure your customers don’t go unattended.

Your next step would be to enable an abandoned cart flow but this is no ordinary flow. If you look closely at this example, we’ve split the customers in two groups which we could essentially call “low value” and “high value”. If the customer has more than a $100 worth of products in their cart, they will be reminded with an interactive MMS, that will also include images of the items they left behind - you know, for additional appeal. And a juicy offer. MMS have proven to be 15% more effective in driving engagement than SMS, so it makes sense to use a multimedia message to try and recover a higher value customer.

If the customer’s cart is worth less than a 100, then the flow will send them a simple reminder, with a less generous discount.

Now, we usually advise our brands to send at least two reminders, but no matter how many you decide to launch - always make sure they are personalized and the message is not generic. On average, our abandoned cart reminders see over 25x ROI - imagine what that number would be with a tailored flow.

Text Marketing Campaign

Automated messages are a great way to get a feel for the field and your audience but once you’ve gathered a good number of subscribers and some data on their preferences, it’s time to move on to proactively engage with them.

Since SMS marketing is such an intimate and direct channel, though, it’s important that all of these interactions have relevant intent for your customers. Meaning - your interactions need to have the right audience, need to happen at the right time, and need to convey the right message. All of this can help you boost conversions by up to 54% - not a percentage to neglect right?

Which message would you respond better to?

And since we’ve been talking about personalization, let’s take a closer look at how you can target your audience correctly by doing some audience segmentation.


All of that information you’ve collected on your subscribers - where did they sign up from, how many times they ordered, what products they were interested in and so long - all of that can be used to build separate audiences that you will later on target with personalized campaigns.  You can build segments using filters such as purchase behaviour and intent, category preferences, even demographic factors, such as gender, location and more.

Here are three segments that we’ve seen lead to insane results for our brands.

The first one is the segment with high value customers. This segment is crucial especially when you are trying to determine the size of the offer you’d like to extend, and make sure you are targeting your more loyal customers with the best deals.

The second segment contains only customers who have ordered from a specific winter collection but have been inactive for a while. This segment can come in handy really soon - when we hit Spring and you are looking to clear some winter inventory, you can easily contact the customers from this segment and let them know you are running a sale on their favorite winter merchandize.

And finally, the last segment is perfect for any brand that also has a physical location. This segment includes only female shoppers from the US - so if your brand has stores in the US, you can target this segment for the upcoming International Women’s Day, and invite them to check out the special deals you have in-store.

Once you have your segments, don’t forget to also pay attention to the copy of your message, and tailor it based on your audience. And of course time your campaign properly. For instance, with the Women’s Day segment - write a copy that is super inspiring and will entice your female shoppers to visit your location. Also - give them enough time to plan their visit by launching it the campaign a couple of days before the Day itself.


So after all of these strategies, let’s make sure you can implement them right away! As a treat to all of you who are watching this, we’d like to give you…

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If you are excited to learn even more about SMS marketing and become the next SMS marketing guru, make sure to download our Getting started ebook.

Thank you for tuning in today! Hope this was useful!

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