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3X your opt-ins & monetize your list with 4 simple tactics

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Hey There, Welcome to the on-demand Bootcamp! I hope these actionable tips and tricks will serve you well and help you make this year your best ever.

My name is John, and I’m with Recart, the leading conversational marketing platform powering thousands of high-growth Shopify stores all around the world.

In the next 10 minutes, I’ll show you 3 conversion tactics that will triple your opt-in rate, guide you through a monetization tactic that will help you make the most out of your list with real-life examples to steal and use for yourself today.

So let’s get started.

First of all, I’m going to show you how to use a Welcome Popup, to grow your Messenger list.

One of my favorite examples is from a jewelry brand called Blush and Bar.

They’re a high-growth DTC brand, with a $60 avg. product price and why they are one of my favorite ones because what they did was something smart that most store owners lack when it comes to subscription.

So what they did was offering a ring for free if the customer spends more than 100 dollars.

As in all subscription-based communication, you need to offer something valuable for the visitors to sign up, usually in a form of discount, free shipping, or exclusive content. If you are a store with a higher average product price (or high AOV), you should definitely intrigue customers with a free product in exchange for their email or phone numbers rather than using a discount or free shipping.

This message was so successful that it increased their traffic to Messenger subscriber conversion rate by 44%.

A pro tip here: It’s usually much better to provide a selection of free products in the welcome flows, so they can choose what they like best, instead of giving away a 1-size-fits-all product.

In the conversation flow editor, you can set up a gallery of products that people can choose from. This way, you could direct your visitors to your bestseller collection, so people could choose from your most successful and most popular products and therefore increase your revenue.

Once you’ve taken your visitors from the site to the Messenger app and they subscribed, you can get pretty creative with your messaging. The platform allows you to add images, gifs, videos, text, and buttons, so you can create an amazing user experience for your subscribers.

What Honeybunch did was showcasing a bunch of their product reviews, and leveraging that as social proof. Also, they combined different types of value offers. They provided a 15% discount for subscribers but also offered a free product when customers spend more than $100.

This resulted in above than average click-through rates because people wanted to get the deal.

But another brand, a food supplement store took this strategy one step further. At first, they offered a 15% discount for visitors who subscribe on Messenger. However, once visitors clicked the button, they needed to confirm their subscription in the Messenger conversation, by entering their email address. So they don’t only grow their Messenger list, but their email list at the same time.

Another quick tip to consider: with a Messenger subscription, you already know the gender of the subscriber. So you can personalize your offer, which can work wonders, especially for fashion brands. Depending on the gender of the subscriber, they could show different messages to males and females to show more relevant product recommendations, driving up their conversion rates.

Now you should know how to maximize your Welcome Popups effectiveness.

But how come it’s so powerful?

Compared to a regular, email-based popup, Messenger-based popups don’t require your visitors to type. With just a tap of a button, they can get access to your offer without any hassle. This seamless user experience will skyrocket your results on your own.

Now the other thing that I mentioned beforehand, but I want to emphasize it again: alongside growing your Messenger list, you can also grow your email list and SMS marketing list. Once people subscribed to Messenger, you can ask for a phone number and email address inside the Messenger conversation.

Since people sign up for Messenger with their email address or phone number, the Messenger app automatically populates a quick reply button for your customers. This means that they can enter their data - again - with just a tap of a button. Especially on a mobile device, typing is a tedious task.

You don’t want to make your visitors work, you should make it easy for them to redeem the offer. Once your visitors are in the Messenger app, they can just tap the button, and subscribe on other channels, like email and SMS allowing you to build a relationship with them and engage them in meaningful conversations.

The whole customer journey is created and optimized with mobile visitors in mind - which is probably the majority of your traffic, so brands implementing Messenger subscription tools usually experience a huge boost in their conversion rate.

And as it allows your visitors to opt-in to more channels, like email or SMS, it allows you to fuel your omnichannel marketing efforts.

I hope that by now you understand how powerful your Welcome Popups can be. Let’s cover some more best practices before you deep dive into setting up your own version.

One of the most successful ways of boosting your list growth is creating a mystery giveaway. Don’t just offer a standard, fixed discount in your popup. Creating a mystery giveaway is a fantastic way to add a bit of gamification to your list growth efforts, which could easily double or triple your results.

Now how should you do that?

You can set up an automation that will randomly choose a reward for the subscriber, based on your settings. There are plenty of ways to set it up. In this example, it’s set up in a way that allows subscribers to get a discount code, a buy 1 get 1 free offer, or free shipping.

Or, you can set up a really valuable offer, like a free product, but only 1% of your subscribers will get access to it. Depending on your setup, the others will get a smaller discount, so they won’t feel left out. Generally speaking, you don’t want to offer a negative experience for any visitor, so every participant of the mystery giveaway should feel that they got lucky, that they got something in return for their subscription.

Now that you’ve grown your subscriber list, you want to monetize that list, right?

For that, the best strategy is to use Sponsored Messages. It’s essentially an ad format that delivers a promotional message to your subscribers, directly in their Messenger inbox.

Now, what does that mean in practice? This will allow you to deliver your promotional campaigns with 90% open rates and 15% open rates on average, making it your most profitable campaign ever.

Ad costs are always on the rise. If you haven’t checked it, your cost-per-click likely increased by 20-40% compared to last year. And this trend is here to stay. The next generation of crazy successful marketers will master retention marketing strategies. Brands need new ways to get new customers, but that’s only half the battle. It’s much easier to convert your previous buyers once again. Focusing on retention will set your brand up for success, despite the ever-increasing ad spend.

To help you get there, here’s our offer for you. If you’ve made it to the end of this video, that means you’re pretty determined and focused to achieve your goals this year.

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Don’t forget to check out the other videos in the Bootcamp, as they’re packed with actionable knowledge. See you around!