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3 ingredients for your commerce cocktail

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Hi everyone, my name is Daren Limas. I’m the Director of Accounts over at Klickly. I’d like to give a quick thank you to Recart for having us be part of this bootcamp. I hope that you’ve been able to take away some really great information thus far, and I hope we can leave you with some actionable tips today as well.

For those of you who don't know who Klickly is; we are a 100% commission-based advertising platform. We leverage data-driven machine learning algorithms to drive sales across 25 million top sites. When I say top sites, think Vogue, Cosmo, ESPN, Men’s Health, etc. The main reasons brands come to us is to help with:

  • Channel diversification
  • Top of funnel awareness
  • New customer acquisition

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In order to cover our topic at hand: 3 ingredients for your commerce cocktail, we’ll cover:

  1. The three ingredients + immediate implementations you can make to increase your sales, expand your reach, and overcome the cookiepocolypse
  2. How one functional coffee brand made it happen
  3. And a quick guide to your next steps

The 3 ingredients

Test and implement additional channels

Our first ingredient in our eCommerce cocktail is around “tips to increase your sales” — more specifically: testing and implementing new channels. Now why would you want to do this, especially if what you’re doing is successful?

First and foremost, channel diversification allows you to make sure all of your eggs aren't in one basket. If something happens to that basket (channel) the revenue from that channel is gone. Simply put, channel diversification allows you to mitigate risk.

It also allows for additional reach outside of your current channels and audiences to further brand awareness. And finally, it allows you to break away from competition, possibly reaching underutilized spaces your competitors may not be in.

Of course, you’ll have established channels that are successful, but there are opportunities to test new ones. For example, you may have heard recently that Google has recently made the Google Shopping tab free for organic results. If that seems up your alley, now is the time to make sure you have beautiful product images and detailed descriptions.

Testing these additional channels is vital. When testing you want to make sure that you have set aside some budget and that these channels are working with your margins vs. dipping in too deep. For example, Klickly is performance-based and requires no upfront spend. Additionally, we allow brands to be in control by selecting their own commission and commission type.

Find channels that are complementary to what you’re currently using, test, adjust, retest, and decide if it is a good fit moving forward.

Automate your marketing

The next ingredient for your eCommerce cocktail is expanding your reach — more specifically automating your marketing

The main reason we preach automating your marketing is because it allows you to reclaim two of the hottest commodities: time and resources. We’ve talked about having additional channels, but we have to realize there are limitations to what we can manage. If you can find an automated channel that expands your reach, you’ve hit a gold mine. The additional free time allows you to allocate your time and focus to platforms that require a bit more TLC.

One of our favorite channels for automation is programmatic. Programmatic is often associated with machine-learning which allows you to be adaptive and make real-time decisions. The information you can get from machine-learning can trickle into decisions made on other channels as well — giving you a better understanding of your audiences and can lead to new, fruitful grapevines.

A popular Klickly feature is our automation. We're 100% machine-driven, so often time brands come to us as an introduction to programmatic as part of a strategy to extend their reach. Of course, we have a slight Klickly bias, but there are plenty of channels that allow you to take advantage of machine-learning to automate your marketing.

Establish owned digital real estate

Finally, we want to touch on the topic on every advertisers mind: overcoming the cookiepocolypse. We know about it — sort of — we've definitely heard about it, so what are some things that we can do to proactively get ahead of the change?

One of the best things you can do is establish your own digital real estate — especially within communities. Outside of that, you should prepare by staying up to date on upcoming regulations. Finally, you should start looking into how you can align with partners with strong first-party data.

Establishing owned digital real estate within communities is extremely important and something that is within your control. We know that socially driven channels help to create awareness. Allowing your customers to take part in the conversation is key — it’s even better when you can create that community yourself.

Second, stay up to date on upcoming regulations. Having a deep understanding of what is coming down the road will not only help you prepare internally but will also help you proactively convey the proper messaging to your audience. Transparency is key.

Finally, link up with the right type of Partners. There are many partners out there that have really really solid first-party data — that's going to be key moving into these future changes. Establishing these relationships early on will put you in a solid position to keep your business growing.

How Four Sigmatic made it happen

Four Sigmatic, a functional coffee company was able to accomplish exactly what we’ve outlined above. They first came to Klickly using the typical channels DTC businesses use: Facebook, Instagram, Google, etc. However, they really wanted to expand their marketing and wanted to diversify their channels in an automated way on a performance-driven basis. Klickly naturally fit that mould.

When we first started with Four Sigmatic we began toward the bottom of the funnel with retargeting. For them, it was a safer form of retargeting because we don't have upfront spend, bots, or remnant traffic. From there, we were able to gather solid insights into audiences and started to create look-alikes and tap into Klickly’s audience. We slowly moved up the funnel and focused on new customer acquisition overtime. These customers are typically the most difficult and most expensive to acquire.

When it came to new customers, Klickly was able to generate a 1.5X return on ad spend, and a 5X return on the blended efforts over the course of 6 months. The cherry on top is that they were able to accomplish this in a purely automated way, giving them the time and resources elsewhere and utilize the data to plug into those other channels.

TLDR: Key Takeaways

Finally to wrap everything up and make sure you all get some clear takeaways we’ve listed 3 ways to best position yourself in 2021 and immediate actions to take.

In order to position yourself best in 2021 you should :

  • Test and implement additional channels
  • Automate your marketing
  • Establish owned digital real estate within communities

Immediate next steps you can take are:

  • Add and test one additional channel that complements your current stack
  • Plan content ahead and look into automation solutions [or look into programmatic automation with performance qualities]
  • Identify the partners that have strong first-party data.