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Fast & Furious: How to add a fast tag on your Shopify store for a 44% sales boost

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Hey everyone, this is Celena from Deliverr.

Today, I’m here to help you implement a quick win - adding a “Fast Tag” on your Shopify store to accelerate your sales.

So, you’re probably wondering: what’s a “Fast Tag?”

Deliverr’s Fast-Tags are “Free 2-day Delivery” and  “Free Next-day” delivery badges that show up next to your products on your Shopify store. These badges are backed by Deliverr’s ultra-fast fulfillment network to provide a Prime-like customer experience that will blow your customers away and get you more sales - our Fast Tags are proven to increase Shopify sales by 44% on average! This video will show you how to set up these Fast Tags.

Before we do that, let’s run through the agenda. I will start with  details on Deliverr’s Fast Tags.. Then we will cover three steps in detail today. First is how to connect your Shopify store to Deliverr, then how to send inventory over to our warehouses, and finally how to add the Shopify fast to your store’s website.

Stay with me til the end for a bonus round on how to add fast tags onto your Facebook ads!

So there’s three reasons to use this fast tag:

  1. Optimized for conversion: The top reason to use the fast tag is to drive sales. You can boost sales by displaying badges, not just on your listing as you see here, but across your entire shopping funnel. Whether it’s on an ad, your website page displaying your collection, or the listing itself, you can entice customers to buy
  2. Backed by the reliability of Deliverr: You can build trust with your buyers by providing an exceptional customer service. If an order doesn’t somehow arrive on time, offer a $5 credit which Deliverr will eat, not you as a business owner.

3) As an added bonus, NextDay delivery. This is prime for knocking conversions out of the park. A “Free NextDay” shipping tag is available if a buyer is near one of the warehouses that hold your product. This is at no extra cost to you as a seller!

Connect to your Shopify store

  1. Directly: Go to Deliverr, and click on Shopify.

  1. Type in your Shopify store name. Finding your store name is simple. Just login to Shpify and copy the text right before “myshopify” in the link of your Shopify website.

  1. Listing tool: Do you have a listing tool like Geekseller, ChannelAdvisor, Sellbrite, etc? That should work as well - you simply connect your third-party tool, whatever it is, to Shopify. Then, make sure that listing tool is connected to Deliverr.
  1. From here, your products should sync up to Deliverr. This should only take a few minutes.

Check to see if your inventory is uploaded:

Here’s just a preview of what your dashboard will look like after you’re done syncing your products to Deliverr. Head over to the Inventory tab and check out the “fulfillment fee” column. At the top, you should be able to toggle between multiple fulfillment speeds; specifically Shopify.

[To be edited in: On your product detail page, you can toggle between different fulfillment speeds to see the different fees per item]

This means that your inventory is all set. Now you’re ready for the next step, creating an inbound!

Send inventory over to Deliverr:

Now, all you have to do is “create an inbound”. An inbound is the same thing is “sending your inventory into Deliverr”.

You have the option to to send to multiple Deliverr warehouses, or 1 Deliverr cross dock. It’s recommended to send to multiple warehouses so your goods are available for sale faster, but you can send to one location for convenience of sending out one shipment instead of multiple.

  1. Head to your inbounds tab, and follow the steps specified in the UI to send your inventory over to Deliverr warehouses. This process should be similar to Amazon FBA’s or whichever service you use for fulfillment, with a few minor differences:

You will need to send your items between 1 to 8 shipments -- which Deliverr will smartly allocate across the continental U.S.The amount of warehouses varies based on a few factors, such as the quantity being sent in and capacity within our network.

  1. If you choose the crossdock option or send to a single location, you will need to package your shipment into at least 4 separate shipments so we can forward to at least 4 warehouses in our network!

This process is straightforward and simple, but if you need a walkthrough - just come to and you’ll get matched up with an awesome fulfillment specialist who will guide you throughout the process!

Turn on your fast tag:

Once your inventory has been sent over to Deliverr, it’s time to add that coveted fast tag!

To start, you need to have access to Shopify's CarrierService API. You get access to that in 1 of 3 ways:

  • You have a Shopify Advanced or Plus plan.
  • Your Shopify plan is paid annually.
  • You contact Shopify Support and ask them to add CarrierService API access to your store. They will add it for $20/mo.

1. Go to the Channels tab in the Deliverr seller portal, select the Shopify integration, and click on "Activate" next to Shopify 2-Day Delivery.


2. Type in the name of your Shopify store into the field provided.


4. After you click “install app”, this will route you to your Shopify portal where you can select "Install Unlisted App" to download the Deliverr Shopify app and give permissions to allow Deliverr Fast Tags.


5. Next you can decide if you would like Deliverr to automatically place badges on your product details pages or if you would like your developer to place the badges. Here is a link to Deliverr's developer guide.


6. Your next option will look similar, but it’s for other pages, not just your product detail page. Non-product detail pages can mean pages like your website home page as a browser navigates your store. We recommend Deliverr placing your badges for both options, just because it’s easier than working with that embed code yourself, but if you have a developer on hand, you can forward the documentation over to them.


7. After you've completed placing your badges, turn them on!


Configure Shopify for auto-fulfillment

1) Complete the steps below only after Deliverr has received your products into inventory. If Deliverr has been set to fulfill your products before, then this may result in backorders in Shopify.

2) This process is only for when you use Deliverr to fulfill all of your orders. If you plan to use Shopify with other 3PL (third party logistics) partners, or to fulfill international orders, then please read our help center article and contact our support team for more help on how to set this up with Deliverr.

How to Setup Automatic Fulfillment

Login to your Shopify Account at Go to the Settings page, and then go the Checkout page.


In the Order Processing section, under After an order has been paid, select Automatically fulfill the order's line items. We also recommend you check Notify customers of their shipment.


How to add the fast tag to your Facebook ads that advertise your Shopify products:


Now, let’s run through a bonus section: how to advertise ultra-fast shipping for an average of a 50% reduction in CPA!

Enrolling in this program will create and update Facebook ads advertising Nextday and 2-Day shipping for eligible products in the Deliverr network -- targeting only zips where Nextday and 2-Day shipping is available. These ads will, as a result, drive traffic and ultimately sales to your Shopify store!

To display ads, you must have completed the previous steps that we just went through.

Go to the Channels page and click on the integration. Under 'Available for this Channel' page, find 'Facebook 2-Day Delivery Ads' and hit 'Activate'.


For an ad set to appear, you must activate the Shopify 2-Day Delivery fast tag, and the fast tag must not be disabled for a given product.

Step 1: Connect Your Shopify store to Facebook

Now, we’re going to sync your Shopify store catalog with Facebook. Make sure that you have an ad account for your Facebook business manager account and a Facebook page.


Step 2: Connect Your Facebook Account to Deliverr

Click the "Connect with Facebook" button and grant Deliver permissions to create and manage ads for your business account. If you have multiple ad manager accounts or pages associated with your account, select one for Deliverr.


Step 3: Ad Settings

Select which ad account and Facebook page you wish our integration to advertise on.


Step 4: Select Campaign Objective

Select the campaign objective that best fits your need. Deliverr recommends the conversions objective. Learn more here What are the differences between Conversions and Product Catalog Sales Ad Campaigns?


If you selected the conversions objective, the next page will allow you to select which Pixel will track the purchase conversion event.


Step 5: Ad Sets Created

Note that ad set location targeting is maintained by Deliverr and should not be altered. Navigate to your Facebook business manager to see the new campaign and ad sets. Now, you are free to create Facebook ads with the 2-day or next-day tag, and Deliverr will dynamically manage where your ads are being shown to potential customers!



That’s the end of our bonus round - once again, if you want to get set up on our site, just visit this link, live chat our fulfillment specialist team, or if you sign up, someone will reach out to you right away and can walk it through with you directly and get you set up as little as a week.

Let’s get those fast and furious fast tags up on your Shopify site and if you’re really ambitious, those Facebook ads. See you next time.